Consider your website as your business’ window to the world, a store front, if you will. What would your window shoppers see? Lime green leisure suits or fashions from the runways of Paris? Because there are so many easy-to-use web tools, your customers expect to see the latest fashions. So this month, put to work one of these 9 tips to update your website and make sure customers are only seeing your best.

  1.  Test your speed on different browsers. When was the last time you checked to see how your site looked on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome? Or how fast it loaded? Browsers introduce new versions all the time. As of May 2012, StatCounter reported the top three browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Your site could have content missing or misplaced. The same goes for mobile browsers. More consumers are accessing the Internet via their smart phones and tablets these days. If your site isn’t mobile or tablet-friendly, they may just choose a competitor whose site is mobile optimized.
  2. Freshen up content. People like to see fresh content on a site, and so do search engines. The more often you update new content like articles or photos, the more often visitors will come back and the more often search engines will point to your site.
  3.  Update your company bio. Have you added new staff? Won major awards? Gained a new certification? Or added a new location? Take a second look at this section and see if it still truly represents who you are now. Be sure to list the languages spoken in your business because foreign speakers are more likely to search for a business that can also speak their language.
  4. Test your links and forms. How sure are you that every link and form on your site works the way it is supposed to? Things can stop working on your site without warning. Have you noticed a drop in inquiries, page visits or customer feedback? Now is a good time to check.
  5. Check your site stats. Are you using anything such as Google Analytics to analyze traffic to your website? Take a look at your stats and see which pages are the most popular. Can you capitalize on that and give visitors even more of what they already like? Can you edit the content to make it more user-friendly or change up your keywords so visitors stick around longer? Little changes can make a big impact.
  6. Update your Calendar. Do you use your site to post dates for important events or sales? Nothing makes a site look neglected faster than outdated material still lingering on your website. Keep things current and, while you’re at it, make sure any copyright dates on your site are accurate, too.
  7. Add social media links. Is your business LinkedIn? Do you Facebook? Are you tweeting? Make sure visitors to your site can link to your social media pages by adding the icons of these popular tools to your homepage. It’s an easy way to increase traffic and fans to your social media efforts.
  8. Add a map of your physical location. If you haven’t already, provide a physical map and driving directions via Google Maps or MapQuest on your website. Make it easy for customers to find you, and they will.
  9. Add new testimonials. If visitors to your site have been seeing the same rave reviews for months or even years, that positive feedback may be losing its effectiveness. Add new testimonials from recent customers so everyone knows you’re still doing great work and providing top notch service.

Update your website to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment and not neglecting a valuable branding tool. Keep up with website trends to keep it looking fresh and it appeals to visitors and search engines alike. Your reward will be an increase in traffic and likely an increase in sales, too.

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