How to get a First time Cusotmer to ReturnRecently, I went to a nail salon that had highly positive user reviews. It wasn’t hard to see why. The staff was very friendly and they did a fantastic job on my nails. When I fretted about smudging them as I left, they told me I could always come back if I did. That was the first time I’ve ever heard that. On two occasions at other salons, I’ve been scolded when I smudged my nails.

Despite this newest salon’s friendliness and good work, I wasn’t a guaranteed return customer. In fact, I had been thinking that although I’d consider coming back to their salon, I would probably try some other places before doing so. This was mainly because the selection of nail polish colors wasn’t extensive. In fact, the nail polish I ended up with was not what I had in mind.

But as I was about to leave, they handed me a gift certificate they give to first-time customers. It entitled me to a free upgrade on a pedicure — with a sea salt scrub and extended foot massage — on my next visit.

Suddenly, there was no doubt that I would return the next time I needed my nails done.

A gift certificate is a simple gesture that could easily convince a first-time customer not yet committed to you to come back.  It doesn’t break the bank to offer an upgrade. And written out as a gift certificate, it feels like a special gift rather than a coupon, which could be given to anyone.

More important, it works!

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