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When putting together an online advertising strategy, it’s not uncommon for businesses to forget about ongoing maintenance. One of the key places where this happens is landing page design. Many businesses create a landing page then forget all about it. They spend their time modifying ad text and managing keywords to try and drive traffic to that static landing page. Ideally, landing pages should be constantly evolving along with the rest of your efforts. There is no “perfect” landing page and there will always be room for improvement.

Go Small

If this sounds daunting, keep in mind that even minor changes to a landing page can make a difference. Changing the color of a form submission button or rewording a call to action can lead to incremental increases in conversion. If anything, it can be counterproductive to reinvent your landing page every week. Here are just a few ideas that could be quickly implemented for testing:

  • Resize your landing page header
  • Change or add an image
  • Change the shape of the submit button
  • Modify your submission form to remove unnecessary fields
  • Add a testimonial
  • Change the background color of the page

There are hundreds of variations you could test, and each one could give you a better return on your advertising investment.

Run A/B Testing

It’s usually best to run these variations side-by-side with your existing design in an A/B test format. This lessens the impact of other factors (e.g. seasonality, time of day) that might influence the results. Run the test until you have enough results to make an informed decision on which page is performing better. The improvements for some changes might be minor, but over time the combined efforts can add up to significant boosts in revenue from your online ads.

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