Creating Low Budget TV AdsLocal commercials can bring in business, or they can go down in flames. The secret is to create memorable ads that people want to watch. How do you do that on a budget? First, you have to have a memorable message and often the quirkier the better. The next message may surprise you. Experts say that the commercials that are ill conceived and begin totally in the wrong direction are the ones people really remember the most. Anyone that remembers the old Cal Worthington and his dog Spot car commercials, where he stood on his head until his face turned red knows exactly what the experts are talking about.

Production values matter, but clearly, low-budget ads don’t have huge production values. Your video should be clear, and your copy should be readable, but more importantly, you should be able to read it clearly, not bore your viewers, and make your points clear and to the point. Search the web for other local commercials to see what people are doing, and what makes them memorable. Two businessmen, Rhett and Link have been traveling around the country collecting and creating videos for businesspeople to show them how low-budget TV ads can reinvigorate their business. Check out their website to see what they’re doing for businesses across the country and get inspiration for your own business.

Clearly, creativity is the key to creating a memorable ad for your business. You need to come up with something that’s unique or different about your business, and then capitalize on that for your video. Do you have an employee with a unique talent? Do you have a product or service that you can capitalize on? Is your name unique? Use something in your business you can capitalize on to make your commercial stand out, and then make that the starting point for your ad to make it memorable.

Some of the local examples on the Internet show that bizarre; over the top commercials are also hits, too. Whatever you can do to make your commercial memorable is what you need to do to make your viewer want to watch it again, and visit your store as a result is what you need to include in your commercial. So, you can create a low-cost TV ad that results in a jump start to your business.

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