Marketing Using Mobile Phone AppsSocial networking is the hot thing for marketers to crack today, and one way they’re doing it is with mobile phone applications (apps). More and more people get cell phones every day, and even kids have them, so marketing to your demographics by cell phone is a way to reach an entire new population of customers.

Different Apps for Different Phones

No matter what type of phone you and your customers have, you can find apps that will work effectively. Use the apps to market your business effectively, organize your files, even keep in touch with your clients. Anyone that’s your friend or fan can receive your regular updates, and many apps allow you to update your Twitter or Facebook feeds, too. Some apps combine those social networking sites into one easy to update location, which saves you time and marketing dollars, too.

Sites like Foursquare are extremely popular all of a sudden. They allow you to tell others your whereabouts, connect with them, even meet new friends. Businesses are using these locator apps to reach people that are nearby. They offer specials, coupons, discounts, and even rewards to entice customers into your business from nearby locations. Rewards are really big with these users, so they may visit your business just for the reward, but they’ll come back if you keep offering them specials and other incentives. Foursquare is a free app, and when you go to the site to download it, you can see what other retailers in your area are using it, too.

Look for Apps with Info

Many of the apps used in business provide a wealth of information for your business. One galled Gist offers business profiles for your contacts and customers, and it’s so detailed you’ll know when they update their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can get email from numerous different inboxes, and it rates contacts by how interested they are in your information, so you know who to target and who to avoid.

All of the apps and a whole host of others are available for free or a very low cost. That means you can keep your marketing dollars in check while you reach a far wider audience. Take some time to check out mobile phone apps that will get your word out, and see what a difference it can make to your business bottom line.

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