Nurture Your IdeasEveryone has new ideas and thoughts about growing and developing their business; otherwise, there wouldn’t be any innovation or invention. You need to nurture your ideas to help them come into being, and here are some tools to help you remember and cultivate those ideas.

Choose the Right Tools

Make sure you have the right tools to record your ideas. You can use anything from a small digital recorder to a pocket notebook. Use a tool that you’re comfortable with, and that you enjoy using for the best results. Make time at the end of each day to sit down and record your ideas. Keep them in a notebook or a readily available file. While you’re recording your ideas, mull them over in your mind and look at them from every angle, assessing options, implications, and potential limitations. Make sure that you revisit your ideas periodically, too, so you give them time to simmer and grow their potential.

Translate Your Ideas

After these ideas have simmered for a while, think about how to implement your ideas into doable projects. Write down action steps or a to-do list, and think about ways to introduce your ideas and test them. Pick out the best ideas and give them special care. Experiment with small steps and low risks to assess how your ideas will work. When you’re ready, share your ideas with others and see what they think about them. Make sure you don’t give up on them too easily, and grow your confidence by committing your ideas to success.

Monitor Your Ideas

After you implement your ideas, monitor and test them. Get feedback from customers who test your ideas, and identify where they’re working and where they aren’t. Assess which ideas are the most successful, and what ideas you can build on to make them fully successful. Some ideas won’t make it, so concentrate on those that are most successful and have the most potential for growth.

Finally, be sure to reward and validate yourself when your ideas work. This is essential for continuing success developing new ideas, and it helps build confidence in you and your vision. You have to nurture yourself to help you nurture your ideas, and each idea you develop can lead to new, rewarding ideas in the future.

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