As the importance of creating and maintaining an Internet presence increases, so too must your ability to build trust through your writing. Although creating copy easily indexed by search engines is important for driving visitors to your business website, alone it does little to form a relationship. Rather than writing generic business copy for your company blog, you can gain trust – and perhaps grow your customer base – by allowing your personality to shine through in your professional business writing.

Why Adding Personality to Business Writing Helps

In most cases, businesses in any industry will have competition. Price alone is not what makes someone choose your company over the competition. A combination of quality, reputation and personality gives you the edge.

In person, you can build a solid rapport and establish a business relationship where your customers think of using your company first. Online, rapport building is more difficult.

When a potential customer visits your company blog for the first time, you hope to achieve three things:

  • Educating them on the value of your product or service
  • Establishing your company as the best choice
  • Converting them from visitor to customer

Writing accurate and informative business copy can accomplish those objectives, but you won’t capitalize on all the potential business if you fail to connect with visitors on a personal level. Ultimately, people will do business with people they like. At times, they may even pay a higher price to do business with you if they like you.

How to Add Personality in Business Writing

It’s a misconception that using personality on a company blog is unprofessional. Adding life to your writing doesn’t have to equal adding sarcasm, slang or jokes. To accomplish the correct balance:

  • Ask questions to make people think about your topic
  • Encourage questions and comments at the end of every post
  • Offer your opinion on the topic within the post
  • Share personal stories relevant to your topic as appropriate
  • Write the way you speak to avoid stiff or stilted copy

Above all else, read your words aloud before you post them to the company blog. Ask yourself, “Would I say it this way if my customer were in the room?” If not, it may not ring true when customers read it.

When to Avoid Personality in Business Writing

There may be times when adding personality is inappropriate in your business writing. For example, writing about the recall of one of your products is a time to offer the facts in as concise a manner as possible. On the other hand, if your goal is to regain consumer confidence after a recall, expressing your empathy and concern over the situation can show customers that you understand their frustration and want to make things right.

Unless you’re posting the quarterly stock report, statistics or issues of grave importance, adding touches of personality to your business writing will help you engage with your customers.

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