Who to Follow on TwitterWondering who you should follow on Twitter? There are no rules carved in stone, but there are some very helpful tips. Here’s a guide on whom to follow on Twitter to keep you informed of your line of work and help you gain new customers.

Local writers

Definitely follow local press and other media outlets related to your industry. Don’t forget to include local bloggers. All are in need of experts for articles and may tweet when they’re looking for someone – you could fit the bill. Local blogs in particular are a great way to promote a local business, especially when the topic relates to your industry. Have new specialty mustards in your store?  Alert local food bloggers via Twitter. Or  follow the business writer for the local paper so you can offer advice when the opportunity arises.

Tweeters who have many followers

They may follow you in return, and if they retweet you, then they’ve just introduced you to all their followers. However, don’t count out someone because their followers are relatively small in number. They may be new, like you.


This is a no-brainer. Twitter is a window into your customers’ minds that could be useful to you. And loyal customers may be keen to retweet you.

The competition

This way you can see how they market themselves and whether they’re onto any trends that weren’t on your radar. Following the competition is common, so you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about it.

Tweeters that interest you

One of the nice things about Twitter is it’s a natural place to combine professional and personal interests. If you find a person funny or have a great love of the local museum, follow those people on Twitter, whether or not they’re connected to your industry. You may find that your personal interests occasionally benefit your business.

A final tip

Before you follow someone, check out their website or blog. You can also look at the bio info on their Twitter page to get a feel about what they are tweeting about.

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