Want to take your Facebook business page game to the next level?

We got together with Chandlor Wright, Thryv’s Social Media Manager, and Sebastian Pesenti, Thryv Australia’s Content Specialist, to discover uncommon ways for small businesses to “level up” their Facebook game.

Chandlor and Sebastian run us through the importance of having a business Facebook strategy, and show us some of the ways businesses are using Facebook to really elevate their reach. Below, we’ll go over some of the main points made in the video.

Keen to have a look yourself? You can watch the On-Demand video below.


This is a workshop, meaning you can join in on the activities yourself to come out of the session with your very own Facebook content plan.

1. Why is Facebook so important?

We don’t want to spoil it, but there’s a LOT of reasons why you should have a Facebook business strategy, whether you’re spending money or just posting regularly. Facebook now reaches over 2.11 billion people worldwide, and even though you might only cater to a local market, a global brand exposure could see big things in the future.

Not only does Facebook’s reach make it a perfect platform for small businesses, but to effectively utilise the platform doesn’t take expertise or time.

In fact, there’s plenty of easy ways to start, and the first place is making sure your own Facebook business page is up-to-date with the latest information.

2. What makes a good Facebook page?

In the next part of the workshop, we look at what makes a good Facebook Business Page, and go over some examples of businesses doing the right thing!

One of the most important things you can do is create a “CTA” button. CTA stands for Call To Action, and it’s basically the “thing” you want your customer to do – whether that is to buy something, book something or get in contact with you.

Facebook’s CTA button placement encourages potential customers on your business page to click through if they like what they see. So it’s also important to ensure they land on your page in the first place!

3. How to leverage the Facebook algorithm

For the next part, we go over how the Facebook algorithm works and what you can do to achieve your own business goals using it.

This will allow you to appear in searches more often, and bring your page in front of the right audience.

Leveraging the algorithm is about balancing Facebook’s need for community engagement, and your need to sell your products or services. In the workshop, we cover all the different ways that you can create content and engagement, and then, how you can share that content more broadly.

4. Facebook “Boosting” Vs. Paid Ads

Paying for your content to be elevated is perhaps the best way to leverage the algorithm to get you more customers.

Facebook has two types of paid content: “Boosting” and Ads.

A “Boosted” post is a regular post that you create on your Facebook business page. You can then put money behind said post to reach more people, especially ones that haven’t yet discovered your page.

Ads work a little bit differently, but still have the same premise: They let you put money behind content that will be seen across a wide array of potential customers. However, ads are built from the ground up, and include a CTA button (just like the one we mentioned above!) so that people can take action.

Usually, if you want people to discover your business, you may want to opt for boosted posts. If you’re looking for action – for example, if you have a time-sensitive sale – then you should try paid ads.

There’s much, much more to discover when levelling up your Facebook business page. Head on over to the FREE On-Demand workshop and discover all the secrets to really boost your business.

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