Website BlundersBuilding an effective, standout small business website isn’t an easy task. There are things you and your team can do to make it look great and perform more effectively. And, there are other things you don’t want to do.

Point is, some small business websites separate themselves from the pack. You know it right when you see them. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes that’s bad.

Mistake #1 Overuse of Color.

Here’s an example of waaaaay too much of a good thing. Use a color scheme that focuses on a few primary colors and some secondary colors. 

Way too much color!

Mistake #2 Draw the Eye, Don’t Avert It.

Just like a good painting, a good website directs where your eye should go. “Oh, here’s the main message, here’s a nice visual followed by some text that tells me what I’m doing here, and there’s a menu.”

A bad website, well, that’s like a maze for your retinas.

Web page is too busy

Mistake #3 What Kind of Brand Are You Anyway?

Beer ads are fun. Life insurance ads are serious. Brands have a tone for a reason. That’s why you don’t see neon purple and rubber ducks in financial marketing. ‘Cause it just doesn’t jive.

You should stand out, just not the wrong way.

Design doesn't match your company

Mistake #4 You Really Can Have too Many Links

Websites are about content, not links. If you overdo it, you’re going to underdo your amount of unique visitors.

Way too many links
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