Document Storage & Sharing

A more efficient way to store and share — no filing cabinet required.

Control clutter once and for all with online document storage. Securely request, store and share documents directly with your customers, and never lose track of your docs, photos, files and more with one user-friendly tool.

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Access Files Quickly

Request and share documents so nothing gets lost.

  • Safely store documents, files and photos.
  • Securely share documents internally or externally.
  • Easily retrieve files, thanks to date and time stamps.

Safe and Secure Documents

The Secret Service of document storage.

  • Mark documents as private to keep sensitive information safe.
  • Keep customer data secure.
  • Upload files to customer accounts to stay organised.
  • Create a dedicated view to look at documents by client, in your inbox, or alongside other documents.

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Documents and Files FAQs

Your documents and files questions, answered.

Which file types does Thryv support?

Thryv Documents can accept most common file types such as text documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, images, gifs and zip files. File types that Thryv cannot accept are video files, executable files, HTML files as well as video, audio, mp4, ogg, .html, .xhtml, .htmlx, .dhtml, .jhtml, .phtml, .rhtml, .zhtml, .mhtml, .js, .css, .sass, .scss. However, if you can compress your files into a zip file folder, you can upload the zip file to your Documents.

Can I upload more than one document at once?

Yes. You can from within Thryv, and your clients can via your Client Portal.