As a business owner, it’s common to have your head on a swivel looking for more opportunities to improve your business. But, what if I told you that you already have everything you need to take your business to the next level?

For example, customer service — a whopping 96% of customers say it’s an important factor in their loyalty to a brand. That’s a tool every business owner can use, regardless of size.

So don’t believe the myths about small businesses not stacking up against the competition. Now’s the time to tap into your business’s hidden potential … and you can do it with a handy assist from tech.

Your Business, Seriously Proactive

Nothing makes your customers say “Wow!” like you being a step ahead of the game. Remind them they need you, before they need you. 

Obviously, once the grass is high, customers will want landscaping help. And before the snakes make a home on their property. So beat them to it.

If your area is living through hurricane season, you’ve got heavy rain. The grass is growing double-time and all those showers limit the days you’ve got to work with.

Get proactive. Get customers to book services online before they need you. You can build out an email campaign reminding customers to book ahead. You can even give them tips for making their freshly cut grass last a little longer during this rainy season.

Or maybe your city is in a drought. That makes it the perfect time to catch customers before their grass goes brown. Send out emails pushing your yard-saving packages and a series of maintenance tips.

By scheduling campaigns to launch in the future, it’s truly as easy as set it and forget it.

Your Business, Seriously Efficient 

Have you ever heard the phrase: Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should? That’s especially true when it comes to running your business. Just because you have a staff doesn’t mean you — or they — aren’t overrun by manual tasks.

How much time does your team spend on manual tasks that could’ve been made simpler with technology? Or a better question — during your shift to digital, did you implement too many pieces of software?

Your employees then get stuck bouncing between tabs all day. And that can hinder your business potential.

The wasted effort will lead to burnout for you and your team. Instead, maximize your efforts — seek out software that bundles multiple functions, more than just the basics.

Take Nash Sherchan, of Sherchan Media Advertising Agency, for example. His business is in the business of helping other businesses. A mouthful, right?

Well, before Thryv, Sherchan had his hands full using multiple software packages just to run what he thought was a straightforward business.

Once Sherchan discovered how an end-to-end business management software could transform his business, he made the change. The appointment feature has been a game-changer.

“It has helped me channel all appointments that are coming from my website into a single location. And I can book those appointments much more efficiently,” he explains. 

77% of consumers say inefficient customer experiences detract from their quality of life.

Your Business, Seriously Adaptive

When you launched your business, it was because you had a passion, and you saw a place to serve others. That hasn’t changed. But the world has.

The way people do business has transformed. Your business deserves to roll with those punches without having to feel every blow.

Look at what we’ve learned over the past two years. People enjoy having contactless services and the convenience of booking without having to pick up the phone. They also ditched the cash on big-ticket purchases.

59% of consumers use more contactless payments since COVID.

There’s a reason more than half of American consumers already use some form of contactless payments.

  • Checkout efficiency means everyone saves time
  • Less risk of money going unaccounted for
  • A detailed look into spending habits and trends
  • Reduced germs transferred by avoiding cash

In fact, 71% of consumers intend to continue using cashless payments in the future. But keeping up with the times means more than accepting credit and debit cards.

Can you collect payments in a way that’s easy for your customers? Do you offer ACH/bank draft payments? How about enhancing customers’ purchasing power with the ability to buy packages or implement payment plans? What about offering something as simple as e-checks?

By simply offering better payment options, you’re opening the opportunity for customers to spend more with your business.

Adapting to your customers’ needs will not only keep your company in business but keep you competitive against big-name behemoths.

Your business deserves to become all it was meant to be. Learning how to uncover your true business potential is just the start.